Our Principles

Write.as was built with a few core principles in mind. If we violated these, we simply wouldn't be Write.as anymore. We're putting these here as a constant reminder of what we stand for, and so you can hold us to a higher standard.

No ads ever

Ads aren't just annoying — they commonly invade your privacy and track your digital activity. We'll shut down before we turn to advertising to support Write.as.

Data freedom

We aim to provide a useful service — not hold you captive. Export everything you've made at any time for free.

Supporting an open web

We believe in an independent, open web. Write.as is powered by (and building) the open source software WriteFreely, enabling anyone to create their own independent blog or community of blogs.

We support open standards like RSS and ActivityPub, and do everything we can to help these ecosystems grow.

Privacy by default

You should be able to enjoy the same privacy online as you do offline. We don't log your IP address, we don't know who you are (use our Tor onion service to be sure), and our apps will never track you. Any personal information you give us will never be shared with third parties.

Supported by our users

Essential Write.as features will always be free to use. But as a Pro subscriber, you can directly help us build a product that will last.

For our users

We built Write.as for you. We're always listening on our many communication channels for feedback, questions, or suggestions you may have — reach out to us any time!