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Welcome back to the internet

The internet is for connecting with people. helps you reach them no matter where they live online.

Friends and family can read your words without creating yet another account online. They can read in their browser, via email or RSS, on their e-reader, and on federated platforms like Mastodon.

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Focus on your words is a pared-down blogging platform — a distraction-free place for you to write, and a clean space for your audience to read.

Instead of content management, we focus on writing. You'll see our editor screen first, every time you open the app. You can write in Markdown or switch to our friendly Rich Text editor. Your work is automatically saved to your browser as you write.

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Made for writing

Not complex websites, not e-commerce, not content man­age­ment. Just writing.

Easy publishing

Press "Pub­lish" to send your words to the web, social me­dia, and sub­scri­bers.


You'll never see ads while you're focused on your work, and neither will your readers.

Stay independent

Build a home for your writing, outside of walled gardens and locked-down platforms.

Add your domain name to keep control of your web presence. Make it your own with a custom theme. Then, know you're never stuck here — you can always export your work, or self-host your site with WriteFreely, the open source software that powers

Free your thoughts

Built entirely around privacy, we don't track you or gather excessive data, so you can write exactly what you feel.

Create a professional blog next to one written under a pen name. Publicize your work, or keep it quiet. Write anonymously, or create as many identities as you like. On, you have full control over who knows what about you.

Build a home for your writing helps you create a blog, journal, or news­letter that readers will love to read. Create a home for your words, then fill it with writing — by yourself or with others.


$6 per month, billed yearly

For prolific writers. Cus­tomize, build a read­er­ship, and publish however you like.

  • Up to three blogs on or your own domain
  • RSS feed
  • ActivityPub integration
  • Micropayments
  • Unlimited posts
  • Unlimited social cross-posts
  • Password-protected blogs
  • Private blogs
  • Publish to Read
  • Rich text editing
  • Email subscriptions
  • Photo hosting
  • Pinned pages
  • Full design customization
  • API access
  • Command-line publishing
  • Email publishing
  • Team support

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$25 per month, billed yearly

For serious publishers. Gather your team and manage content with our op­ti­mized work­flow.

  • Everything in Pro
  • One shared blog
  • Asynchronous collaborative editing
  • Team blog access
  • Team photo hosting
  • Five team members
  • User roles
  • Post signatures
  • E-book export
  • Priority support

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