Write.as Letters

For the past few months, we've been testing out a long-requested feature on Write.as: email subscriptions. This gave readers yet another way to stay connected with your writing from the convenience of their inbox — and like the rest of our platform, it was built to respect their privacy.

After listening to your feedback and sending out many thousands of emails, today we're happy to roll this feature out as Write.as Letters — an easy way to start an email newsletter, backed by a beautifully simple Write.as blog.

When we started building this, we wanted to make the work of publishing a newsletter essentially disappear. We didn't want writers to worry about how their words might look in different email clients, and we didn't want them caught up in the minutia of subscriber metrics. So we built Write.as Letters to help them focus on their writing; to get into the mental flow state needed to publish their best work, knowing our platform would take care of the rest.

And we think we've done that. Here, writers get a clean writing space that fosters concentration, and readers get elegantly minimal emails that won't watch them as they read.

A screenshot of an example email

To get started, as a Write.as Pro user you can go into your blog's Customize page and enable the Email Subscriptions option. That's all it takes! From there, all you need to do is write.

Besides adding a subscription box to the bottom of your blog's home page, Letters also enables you to collect subscribers anywhere in your blog posts and static pages. Writers are already taking advantage of this flexibility on blogs like Random Notes and Matt's. You can read more about how it all works in our latest how-to guide.

We're excited to launch Write.as Letters as another modern way for readers to subscribe to your written work. Between this and our existing support for RSS and federation via ActivityPub, Write.as is the perfect place to start your newsletter or blog on the open web.

Get started with Pro for as little as $5 per month, and let us know what you think of Letters over on the forum!