Welcoming Our Partner, Cloud68.co

At Write.as, we're guided by a few core principles above all. They're not only based on what we personally want to see in the world. They also form the foundation for great products, with a respect for everyone's freedom, time, and ability to own what they produce online.

Today, we're excited to advance these ideals by launching a collaboration with our first trusted hosting provider for WriteFreely, Cloud68.co!

Cloud68.co is an open source digital infrastructure collective that serves solopreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, and organizations. They share our fundamental desire to build a more privacy-centric, decentralized web, and they'll provide a trusted alternative for hosting your WriteFreely community. You can learn more by visiting WriteFreely on Cloud68.

As we announced in April, WriteFreely is now in the beta stage of its development. It not only powers over 100,000 blogs on Write.as, but also thousands of blogs on other independent sites. With this collaboration, we hope to see new independent writing spaces, both public and private, sprout up across the web.

With a growing array of hosting providers, users get more choice in who they trust with their data, support, and daily maintenance. The WriteFreely ecosystem also benefits, as more people put the platform to use in their own diverse contexts.

This is only the start for us. We know the full benefit of our software comes by enabling all kinds of people, organizations, and companies to build communities with the software we've created. So we want to continue decentralizing, and making it accessible to more people. If you'd like to become a trusted hosting provider, please get in touch with us!

You can find all trusted providers on our WriteFreely Partners page, and follow along with Cloud68 in the fediverse (@Cloud68@fosstodon.org) or on Twitter (@Cloud68HQ@twitter.com).

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