Introducing our new Community Manager, CJ!

Today we're excited to officially welcome our new head of community on, CJ! If you're a user, you might recognize him from his insightful writing on his blog, to his creative projects built on the API, to his overall helpful presence on our forum. We're overjoyed to have crossed paths with him, and to now have him on the team.

As you may know, we're a very small team of people behind the platform. But from our early days as a one-man show we've prided ourselves on having a human touch to go along with otherwise robotic software on a cold screen. Now with CJ on board, we'll be able to continue bringing a little humanity to your favorite writing device, as a welcome respite from the chatbots and automated systems you get on other platforms.

As a customer or user, you'll start to hear more from CJ going forward. Even if you don't need any help right now, please feel free to stop by the forum and join us in welcoming him!