Extending Write.as

On an internet filled with complicated products, with complex legal terms and inscrutable business models, simplicity is something we all crave more in our digital lives. Write.as was built to be that simple space for expressing yourself — a reprieve from the bloated, distracting web.

Yet as we've fought to stay simple over the years, we've grown more useful to more people — no easy feat while keeping such a focus. Today, we're evolving our pursuit of simplified complexity with Extend Write.as, our add-on directory and marketplace.

Extend Write.as is a place for everyone to extend their normal abilities on the platform with new features. It's a place for our new experiments, alternative defaults, and more publishing tools. It's where you'll find new ways to customize your blog, and new tools to offer your readers.

As part of this new section, we've changed the number of blogs included with new subscriptions, and made it so anyone can add more blogs to their account. There's no longer any limit to blogs on your account — you can add as many as you want for $12 per year per blog, even without subscribing to Casual or Pro. (Read more about this change on our In the open article.)

Next, you'll find new ways to customize and export your blog on Extend, as well as our alternative web editor, the Classic Editor — currently being tested in Write.as Labs. Beyond that, you might find Extend features as part of WriteFreely, or even build your own features that we'll then showcase.

We're excited to launch this next stage for the platform, and can't wait to start adding more capabilities. As always, we'd love to hear what you think on the forum!