A Revolution in Write.as Design

At Write.as, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to strip away the unnecessary. We craft pared-down writing tools for people who want a reprieve from the digital cacophony. We build these tools with ❤️, for the artists and makers striving for less in a world that only wants them to consume more.

We've pushed the boundaries over the past five years, and worked tirelessly to distill blogging down to its purest form and most necessary function. Finally, after all this time, our work is done. What we've arrived at is nothing short of perfection.

Now we're taking Write.as into the future (with a nod to the past), beyond the traditions of minimalism that have grown to restrict our true artistic tendencies. Today we're excited to reveal a revolutionary new façade for Write.as, the “weblog,” and indeed the web itself.

Introducing WriteSpace.as — a fresh redesign for your Write.as blog.

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WriteSpace.as is the quintessential design for a post-minimalist web.

Throwing off the shackles of plain text on a stark, high-contrast background, we've crafted a dynamic reading experience that draws inspiration from nature, recreating the blinding speckles of sunlight as they reflect off of crashing ocean waves. Our hand-picked typography floats and dances along with it, eluding any comprehension or clarity, confronting us with new truths of what good design is.

Then we drew from the web's history, whittling down the harsh “blink” effect into a more gentle pulsing that's both pleasing to the eye and only a little nauseating. By remembering our past, we were able to craft a modern visual language that introduces post-minimalist vicissitudes with little similitude to the platitudes of our outdated paradigms.

These are just a few aspects of our uniquely disorienting new design. We've also:

We're elated to finally present this rejuvinating new design to you as the cornerstone of our Themes library, to challenge your sensibilities and dizzy your perception; to interrupt patterns of what you thought was good and right in this world. It's a new era for Write.as and everyone who chooses to make this space their home.

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